23 June 2009 - Stockbury

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We arranged to dance out with Wantsum Morris at a "half way house" between our patch and theirs. This turned out to be The Harrow at Stockbury, conveniently situated near the top of Detling Hill and the M2.
The day had been very warm but, by the time we reached the pub, the evening was starting to set in and the temperature was dropping. This, combined with a cool breeze, meant that the tatters jackets came in very handy.

I am not sure if anyone else has noticed this bizarre coincidence, but most of the sides we have danced with this year seem to have a member called Brian. Not only that, our Squire seems to be getting on very well with each of these Brians - she is such a flirt!

Both sides managed a good turn out of dancers. Kettle Bridge did very well considering how many "walking wounded" we had. Also well done to all the supporters who turned up, both crocked dancers and everyone Ailsa.

There was a good dancing spot right outside the pub although we had to be careful not to touch the shiny BMW convertible. Kettle Bridge performed a number of favourite dances featuring -

  • Annie's Dance
  • Colne
  • Sidcott
  • Aughton
  • Horbury
  • Cossington
Despite this vigorous work-out, the dancers (and some of the band!) still had enough energy left at the end to join in a Cotswold dance led by Wantsum. I am very happy to report that Ian managed to complete the dance without suffering any injuries. This brought the curtain down on yet another excellent evening.

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