15 May 2010 - North Wood Day of Dance - Part 1

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We were delighted to be invited to participate in North Wood Morris's Day of Dance. The sun beamed down on the excellent collection of sides that congregated at Morrisons supermarket in Oxted. Apart from Kettle Bridge, the sides on parade included -
  • North Wood Morris Men (Cotswold) - white shirts, white trousers and green waistcoats
  • Old Palace (Ladies North West) - white shirts, white skirts and green jackets
  • Blackheath Morris Men (Cotswold) - white shirts, black trousers and dark blue waistcoats
  • Dacre Morris (Ladies Cotswold) - white blouses and red pinafore dresses
  • Mutineers (Ladies North West) - white blouses, black skirts and black waistcoats

We were split into two groups, one dancing outside the supermarket entrance, much to the bemusement of the shoppers, the other group performing outside the nearby Oxted Inn. Part way through, some sides swapped locations for a bit of variety.

The usual rotation scheme gave each side the opportunity to dance several dances, with Kettle Bridge performing Annies, Colne and Horbury.

Then it was time for the pub crawl (village tour, I mean) to begin. Using a combination of cars and coaches, we successfully made our way to the Carpenters Arms in Limpsfield Chart. The road outside provided a good dancing surface and thankfully proved to be fairly free of traffic.

It was just a fairly short stand so we only managed one dance, namely Sidcot. Mutineers performed a dance called Lostock and you can click here to see the video.

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