12 June 2012 - Penenden Heath

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Wicked Belly
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It was a rather chilly but thankfully dry evening when we made our way to The Bull at Penenden Heath to dance with Wicked Belly Morris and Copperfield Clog.

We have danced with Copperfield Clog in the past but I had never seen Wicked Belly before. In the interests of research, I decided to Google images of "Wicked Belly dancing". Although I didn't find many pictures of Wicked Belly Morris, I did enjoy admiring the results of my search and now have a few suggestions of improvements to the Kettle Bridge kit.

The three sides, all of whom have only women dancers, took turns to perform. The pub had thoughtfully cordoned off part of the car park for us to dance on although the tape they used made it look a bit like a crime scene.

Wicked Belly were first up and it soon became apparent that they were a border side with a difference as they used modern music as an accompaniment. I personally thought that this worked very well. Kettle Bridge's first dance was Prescot and this was followed by Copperfield Clog performing a garland dance. Our later turns featured Annie's, Aughton 6, Colne 6 and Churchtown.

During one of WBM's dances, there was a steady stream of tiny bells coming off their clothing or equipment. These had to be hurriedly removed from the dancing area to prevent any mishaps. When the band heard that the floor had been flooded with bells, they were devastated as they thought that someone had dropped a bottle of whisky.

The final dance was an all-in where even the men were allowed to take part. This was an enjoyable end to a very pleasant evening of dancing and it was good to see former KBC member Fiona who had popped over to see us perform.

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