20 July 2012 - Maidstone Olympic Torch Relay Celebration

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Melody Marshall dancers in action
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As the Olympic torch made its way around the country, it provided the perfect excuse for celebrations of all sorts. Among the events organised in Maidstone to mark the occasion was a whole day of music and dancing held in the new Maidstone Town Square and Kettle Bridge were invited to share a spot with the Melody Marshall School of Dance.

Many of us had been up early to watch the torch procession go through the town centre but there was still plenty of time to get home, refresh ourselves, get changed and arrive back at the dancing venue. There was a stage set up in the Town Square which Melody Marshall used but which was not appropriate for us, so we danced on the paved area in front. Thankfully the weather was sunny and warm so there was no risk of any interruption from rain and a good-sized crowd was in evidence to watch the show.

We arranged to alternate with our co-hosts but as their dances were shorter than ours, there was only just about enough time to recover from one performance before it was time to dance again. However, the women of Kettle Bridge are very fit (in more ways than one!) and this was no problem.

During the stand, we performed a familiar set of dances, namely:

  • Prescot
  • KBC Processional
  • Marston
  • and Annie's
followed by a Churchtown for the audience to join in with. As usual, the little ones were very enthusiastic and all had a great time participating.

As there was some time left over before the next performers were due to appear, Kettle Bridge danced an additional number. The squire picked Cossington to finish with, which was an excellent choice as its patriotic music definitely reflected the Team GB Olympic fever that seems to have gripped the nation. A fine end to a great day.

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