7 October 2012 - Yalding

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Like this but in pink with pretty blue laces
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GamBLE is a charity based in Yalding that aims to improve the quality of the education of children in Gambia. The name is a contraction of their purpose: "Gambia - Building Links in Education".
The charity organised a "Cultural Safari" which showcased a number of traditional arts, crafts and music. The activities were based in the village of Yalding and they invited Kettle Bridge to give a demonstration and hold a workshop of morris dancing. We of course were delighted to help with such a worthy cause.

There had been plenty of rain in the lead up to the event so our dancing location was switched from its original puddle-strewn site to the area outside the Forge. Having said that, the weather on the day itself was very pleasant, with warm sunshine beating down, most unseasonal for October!

A small but appreciative crowd gathered to watch our performance which featured:

  • Ealuscerwen
  • Aughton
  • Marston
  • Milnrow
This was followed by a workshop where Val taught the basic steps for Churchtown and St. Helens to the hardy souls from the audience who were prepared to have a go. They all seemed to enjoy the experience judging by the smiles and laughter.

This brought an end to our contribution to the event and the organisers very kindly provided free tea, coffee and cakes as a "thank you". There was then just time for us to wander round the other parts of the Cultural Safari before it was time to leave.

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