20 June 2013 - Seven Champions

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Surrender peacefully - You are surrounded by morris dancers
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Our friends from the inimitable Seven Champions Molly Dancers side managed to pick a beautiful day to hold their Day of Dance and we were very pleased to share the day with them. The weather was warm and sunny as we all congregated at the White Horse pub at Sandway.

I always enjoy watching Seven Champions as their style is quite different from the sides we normally dance with. On the face of it, they just seem to stomp about but it is done with such energy, precision, artistry and humour that it is so pleasing on the eye.

We took turns to dance and Kettle Bridge performed a selection of dances from their standard repertoire, namely:

  • KBC Processional
  • Prescot
  • Milnrow
  • and Aughton

By now, the barbecue at the pub was in full swing and the smell of cooking meat wafted around, a definite improvement on the aroma of sweaty dancers. By common consent, we decided to break for lunch and several of us were tempted by a burger or hot dog - and very welcome it was too.

Suitably refreshed, it was time to resume the business of the day and our next dance was Shawforth.

Now musicians are a very friendly bunch (especially if you keep them supplied with food and beer) and when the Seven Champions Molly asked to borrow our bass drum for their next dance, Alan was only happy to oblige. Mind you, after performing a rather energetic dance while carrying it, I think he was very glad to give it back. I think he now fully appreciates just how heavy a bass drum is.

This reminds me that we rather take the band for granted. They turn up without fail to all our events, lugging their instruments with them and accompany the dancers with great skill and enthusiasm. Where would we be without them? (Feel free to email the webmaster with your answer). Seriously, can I say a big "Thank You" to the members of the band for all their efforts.

Back to the dancing now. The remaining dances in this set were:

  • Ealuscerwen
  • Marston (impeccably danced!)
  • and finishing with the ever-popular Cossington

That brought our involvement in proceedings to a close although the other sides continued for the rest of the afternoon.

So it only remains to convey our thanks to Seven Champions for inviting us to their Day of Dance. A truly excellent day.

Incidentally, so see some even better photos from the day, click here to go to Tom Phillips's web site.

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