1 May 2015 - Barming Bridge

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Michelle and Caroline enjoy Aughton.
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Looking back over the previous reports of Kettle Bridge's traditional May Day dance over the Medway bridge that gives the side its name (and desperately looking for some inspiration and something different to say!), I noticed that this is usually the occasion that our new dancers dance out in public for the first time. Well this year it was the turn of Michelle to show off all that she has learnt over the winter and everyone agreed that she did brilliantly well. Remember that we are always on the lookout for new dancers to join so, if you fancy giving it a go, let us know via the Contact page.

This year there was a chilly breeze down by the river but this did not put off the good-sized crowd that came to watch. After the usual Churchtown procession across the bridge, there were performances of Prescot, Aughton, Colne and Annie's. In the meantime, the traditional cake made its way round the audience, gradually diminishing in size (the cake, that is, not the audience).

There was then the opportunity for the crowd to burn off their recently acquired calories by taking part in an all-in Churchtown, which they did with much gusto (and gateau). Then it was time to drag ourselves up the hill to the Bull for a final dance, St. Helens Gala. Strange that the dance should be named after a bingo hall but I suppose we do have at least "11 - legs eleven" and "71 - bang on a drum". Notice how I resisted the temptation to refer to 88.

Finally, a much-loved member of the band was unavailable due to ill health so we all wish Michael a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him again soon.

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