23 May 2015 - Beer Festival at the Barming Bull

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The Bull at Barming is really our home pub (being the nearest to the Kettle Bridge in Barming) so we were very glad to accept their invitation to dance at their Beer Festival.

Unfortunately the weather was against us so our dancing was interrupted by a shower or two and this also kept the crowds away. So, to add a little bit of interest to an otherwise rather bland report, I have mentioned a number of Shepherd Neame ales in the text (well it was a beer festival). See how many you can spot.

The early birds who arrived first at the pub had to shelter inside because of the weather. Thankfully, there were 12 different casks of beer to sample to keep everyone occupied. By 1215, the weather had relented enough for Kent's best morris side to venture outside.

The first stand consisted of brilliant performances of Prescot and Aughton. At this point however the rain returned and we took refuge in the pub again.

After a while, the rain relented so we danced Master-n, followed by Cossington (where the slings twirl like spitfire propellors) and Annie's (where we tried an experimental 4-4-2 formation). The final dance was Churchtown featuring mild-mannered Geoff and an enthusiastic performance from the next-but-one generation.

Thanks go to the band, as usual, and we wish Michael a speedy return. We missed the Bishop's finger making sweet music on his melodeon.

Well, I counted 10 Shepherd Neame in my report. Notice how I resisted the temptation to mention Double Stout or Dragon Fire.

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