11 June 2016 - Bearsted

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Kettle Bridge performs at private functions as well as in public shows and we were booked to appear at Hillbeck Care Home in Bearsted. The home were marking The Queen's 90th birthday by holding a garden party and asked us to provide some music, dance and colour for the occasion, which we were very glad to do.

The home certainly made us feel very welcome and they provided a paved courtyard for our use and this proved to be an excellent, spacious, flat dance area with plenty of room for the audience (and band!).

Kettle Bridge started their first set with Prescot and Cossington, the latter being very appropriate for The Queen's celebrations as it features some very patriotic music. The band played musical interludes between the dances to allow the dancers to regain their breath. The third dance Churchtown was an opportunity for the audience to have a go themselves and we had an enthusiastic response from the crowd. Everyone who took part seemed to have a great time.

After a break for rest and refreshment, we performed Marston 8, Aughton and finally Saint Helens Gala. Two of the children present were very keen to join in, so Sue made sure that they were involved in Saint Helens and they thoroughly enjoyed dancing around and waving their sticks.

With the dancing complete, we said our goodbyes and made our way home. As it turned out, we had finished just in time because, on the journey home, the heavens opened and there was a torrential rainstorm. We were so thankful that we managed to complete the dancing before the deluge began.

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