25 July 2017 - St. Mary's Platt

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The Blue Anchor, St. Mary's Platt.
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We were blessed with a very pleasant evening of mild, dry weather for our get-together with Marlings Morris at The Blue Anchor in St. Mary's Platt.

We bagged part of the pub car park for a dancing area. This had an "interesting" diagonal slope on it but was mostly free from unwanted bumps and holes so was definitely fit-for-purpose.

We started our dancing at about 8:15pm even though Marlings were a little short-handed due to a dancer and musician having gone to the wrong pub! As usual, Kettle Bridge and Marlings alternated their dances.

We performed a good set consisting of KBC Processional, Aughton 8, Cossington, Sidcot, St. Helens Gala, Marston 6 and finally Churchtown. Marlings did an excellent variety of dances, featuring some very high knee positions but that's what you get when you have some enthusiastic youngsters in your side!

The whole evening was very enjoyable. Thanks go to Marlings for providing such good company and to the pub for welcoming us. We also had quite a few supporters in the audience, which is always great to see. Here's to the next time.

[NW Morris for Dummies]


This evening, I witnessed some variations on the steps used in North West Morris dancing so I did some research on the difference between a polka and a rant.

According to my copy of North West Morris for Dummies, a polka is a double hop with alternating feet and features a toe step with the free foot.

A rant is what the Squire has if the dancers are not ready lined up in time for the next dance.

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