26 April 2009 - Maidstone - St. George's Day Parade

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It is great to see an increasing interest in celebrating England's national day and Maidstone is doing their bit by holding a number of events over the St. George's Day weekend. Kettle Bridge were pleased and honoured to take part in the Scouts' Parade through our "home" town on the Sunday, this year.

The weather turned out to be excellent despite some worrying forecasts earlier in the week. Our meeting point was outside C&H Fabrics, chosen I suppose because all our ladies know where it is! Everyone joined in the spirit of the day and it was great to see the band dressing up for the occasion.

We set off in place of honour at the very rear of the procession and attracted the usual cheers and applause from the crowd as we made our way down Week Street, turning right into the High Street. After passing the guests of honour, we turned left into Mill Street and immediately back up the hill into Bank Street where we halted. It's a good job Pip had his Sat Nav or we would really have got lost.

There was then a chance of a quick bite to eat (or in John's case, an impromptu busking opportunity) before an unofficial one-dance stand in Fremlin Walk.

Then it was on to Brenchley Gardens where a medieval fayre was in progress, featuring an impressive mechanical dragon. We had a spot booked at the bandstand following the recorder concert and martial arts demonstration (that was two separate events, although I would have liked to have seen it as a combined one). Obviously, we couldn't use the bandstand (or is that "couldn't stand the band"?) so danced on an adjacent path. We featured a couple of favourites including Cossington with its suitably patriotic music. As usual, the climax of the day was a rendition of Churchtown where we were joined by an enthusiastic audience.

All in all, an excellent day.

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