25 July 2009 - Tunbridge Wells

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Royal Tunbridge Wells held a Day of Dance, hosted by Royal Borough morris. The location was the picturesque Pantiles area of the town and there was an excellent dancing area just outside the Tourist Office.

Besides Kettle Bridge Clogs, the other sides that were present were -

The day was sunny and warm as we arrived at the Pantiles. We started congregating at the dancing venue but there were a few late arrivals due to traffic congestion. This was caused by the road near the venue being dug up. It was nearly our time to dance when Sue W, Sue M and Fiona were spotted in the distance but headed in the wrong direction. Steve was dispatched to fetch them but on catching up with them, he was informed that there was no way they would be able to dance unless they made a wee detour (as John might say). We were all relieved when they joined up with the rest of the side ready to dance.

The sides danced in rotation as usual, with Kettle Bridge performing Annie's, Colne, Prescott and Cossington. With Alan and Pip unavailable, the band were a little short on numbers but they still coped admirably well and the dancers and musicians entertained the good-sized audience with an excellent performance.

Obviously Wolfs Head and Vixen were suffering from late arrivals as well because for each successive dance, there seemed to be more and more of them. They were so keen that they performed at the bandstand all through the lunch break. This would be unthinkable for Kettle Bridge who, when lunchtime arrived, made the most of the break with some well-earned refreshment.

Lunch was not all relaxation though as Carol joined in with the Cotswold lunchtime workshop and learnt a new dance. At three o'clock, we reconvened at the Tourist Office and the sides continued their programme of dancing. There were even a few unwelcome spots of rain but luckily this didn't last long.

We suffered yet another injury to add to the long list of KBC crocks when an old problem with Sue M's foot flared up again. There's never a doctor around when you need one, is there? Thankfully, Kettle Bridge does not dance out in August, so hopefully the injured will have time to recover by the next event.

The afternoon session went equally well and the appreciative audience certainly enjoyed it. With the dancing complete, off we set to Carol's house, stopping off at Sainsbury's to pick up a few extra bits to add to Carol's tremendous catering (the home made pies were especially scrumptious). Then it was time for a wonderfully relaxing and well-deserved session of gorging, guzzling and gossiping into the early evening. Special thanks are due to Carol for all her hard work.

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