4 July 2010 - RLSB Fun Day at Dorton House, Seal

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The Royal London Society for the Blind (RLSB) held their annual Fun Day at Dorton House and Kettle Bridge were invited to provide some of the entertainment. Once again, we were blessed with glorious sunshine.

Actress Anita Dobson is most famous for her portrayal in Eastenders of Angie Watts, original landlady of the Queen Victoria pub. However, she is also a very vigorous supporter of the RLSB and is in fact a Vice President. She performed the official opening of the Fun Day and Kettle Bridge had the opportunity to chat to her. What a delightful person she was - nothing was too much bother and she took time to chat to anyone and everyone. She even autographed the record sleeve of her hit single which the Kettle Bridge webmaster had brought along!

A fair sized crowd gathered for our first stand which featured Prescot, Colne and Cossington. The ladies put on a tremendous display as usual and received a standing ovation from the crowd. Mind you, this could be because there were no seats nearby.

The break between stands gave us all the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the Fun Day attractions. This included such diverse items as ferret racing, a martial arts demo, birds of prey, Punch (or was it Richard?) and Judy, various stalls, an ice cream van (which did a lot of business), cream teas and a beer tent.

The highlight was clearly the Pampered Delights stall which featured all you could possibly want for a pampering session for girls of all ages. You could even book a party to have in your own home where you just sit back and enjoy the experience of being spoilt. By the way, that's a fiver you owe me Val.

Kettle Bridge's second stand included St. Helens, Aughton and, as the usual show-stopping finale, Yellow Rose. The crowd really did enjoy the spectacle of Kettle Bridge on top form and showed their appreciation.

We all went home with the satisfaction of a job well done and slight sunburn.

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