17 May 2016 - Chilham

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Morris dancers are cheaper by the dozen.
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Chilham is a delightful village with its quaint timbered houses, market square, its own castle and a church where Thomas Becket is rumoured to be buried. It also has a tea shop but this unfortunately was closed when we assembled to dance with our friends from Oyster Morris. Thankfully The White Horse pub was open so we congregated in there.

We had enjoyed a warm, sunny day but by 8 p.m. the sun was setting and there was a definite chill in the air. This did not deter the dancers though and Oyster Women, Kettle Bridge and Oyster Men took turns to perform a dance each.

Our set comprised Prescot, KBC Processional, Aughton, Marston 8 and Milnrow. These were all performed very professionally which was particularly gratifying as several dancers were trying out new positions for the first time and there were a number who were not fully fit due to injuries. Well done, everyone! And thanks too to the band for braving a chilly Chilham!

With the light fading, it was time to repair to the pub for a refreshing drink and a chat. Thanks go to Oyster for inviting us to share their stand in such a lovely location.

Footnote : The statue of two figures just by the entrance to Chilham Castle is of two pilgrims on their way to Canterbury and is called "Pilgrim Milestone". It was carved from oak by Steven Andrews of Tribal Animal. He specialises in using wood that has been reclaimed from trees felled for woodland management purposes. You can see more fascinating examples of his work on his website.

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