7 October 2007 - Tenterden Folk Festival

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It was a lovely autumn day when we assembled for the Tenterden Folk Festival.

Many of us parked at the Kent & East Sussex Railway station and walked up to our first dance location on the High Street. We shared a stand with the Morena Slovak Dancers, described on their web site as "a very colourful, energetic, fast, temperament, quite physical and acrobatic show based on Slovak dance" (they could be talking about our dancers) and that sums them up nicely. Czech out the pictures on the right to see what they look like in action. A suggestion that Kettle Bridge should adopt similar short skirts and boots did not go down well!

The only problem with the first stand was that we were dancing half in the road. Thankfully, Peter doubled up as banner holder and traffic cop to ensure everything went off smoothly and safely.

Then we were back down to the station for a comfort break before dancing outside the entrance (of the station, not the toilet). A Meridian TV film crew was there to capture our performance (the dancing, not the toilet trip) and even followed us onto the train where the music (but not the dancing) continued. For some reason, The Runaway Train proved to be a favourite with the Station Master.
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The train stopped at Bodiam to take on water and we disembarked to do a rather cramped stand but which was well appreciated by the passengers. A shrill whistle (even louder than Val's) was the signal for us to get back on the train which took us back to Tenterden where we were just in time for lunch at a very pleasant pub (where else?).

The final stand of the day was back on the High Street outside HSBC (Horbury Sidcot Blackrod Cossington) and you can always bank on Kettle Bridge to provide excellent entertainment. Credit must also go to the band who never lost their balance throughout a strenuous day. Cheque out the pictures on the right to see the highlights of the performance which culminated in Yellow Rose. As always this went down really well with the sizable crowd that had gathered.

Then it was all back home to watch ourselves on TV!

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