10 June 2009 - Eynsford

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Our first get together after our awesome trip to the Marlboro Ale in the USA was in the quaint village of Eynsford in the company of Wadard Morris. This provided an ideal opportunity to catch up with the gossip and happily reminisce about America.

The first stand was in a very picturesque location by the Ford (or was it an Austin?). We did cause some traffic hold-ups but there were only a few vehicles and the drivers were all very patient, or perhaps they just wanted to watch the spectacle of Kettle Bridge in full flow.

Then it was on to more familiar ground, namely a pub. The Malt Shovel were the hosts for our next stand. We had to walk through the bar to get to the dancing area on the rear patio and this was accomplished without any loss of personnel. This was quite a feat as the pub television was showing the England v Andorra football match. The men know where their loyalties lie! That or we are all under the thumb.
The dancing continued and we saw the premiere of the Kettle Bridge maypole dance using only two sticks and no pole. Unfortunately this came to rather a tangled end. More practice required, please! There was also a fine solo dance from special guest Brian.

The final stand was at yet another pub, the nearby Five Bells. This was half appropriate because England were knocking ten bells out of Andorra by this time. Not that I stopped to watch the game, of course.
The light was really beginning to fade as the sides embarked on another round of dancing (or was it drinks?). That's my excuse for not taking any more photos. Then those who weren't still jet-lagged repaired to the bar for more chat and ale.

Footnote : We give our best wishes to the Wadard dancer who was unfortunately taken ill during the evening. We hope he has made a full recovery.

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