2 June 2015 - West Farleigh

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The sides congregate filled with good intentions.
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We have been good friends with Hartley Morris Men for many years, with more than one inter-marriage. In fact Tim is in both sides which required a quick change of clothing between dances and very little respite. Hopefully all this activity helped to keep him warm because there was an unseasonably chilly breeze present all evening.

There was a great turn out of dancers from Kettle Bridge (and they were well turned out, as well) and we got proceedings under way with an excellent performance of Prescot in very trying conditions. Then Hartley stepped in with a couple of splendid dances.

And so the evening continued. Between dances, the sides tried desperately to keep warm with rag jackets being put to good use. I was tempted to ask Hartley if they would make a bonfire from their sticks for us to huddle round but I don't think that would have gone down too well.

Undaunted, Kettle Bridge performed five more dances, namely Aughton, Marston, Milnrow, Annie's and Saint Helens Gala before the darkness descended and we were forced to take refuge in the nice, warm pub (shame!). The entertainment didn't stop there though and there was much good music to be enjoyed from both sides in the bar.

Just to prove how difficult the conditions were, there are two videos available on Youtube, one of Marston and one of Milnrow. You can certainly hear the wind whistling into the microphone. Click on the following links to enjoy the videos.

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